Performance With Purpose

we believe strong investment performance comes from diversity of thought, people and solutions

Diversity of Thought

We strive to solve problems in unique ways that can unlock value for our clients. Our networks are different. Our source of deal flow and ideas are different. Through our differences we strive to deliver superior performance for our clients.

Diversity of People

Our team brings experience from many different backgrounds, cultures, and communities. Some team members have decades in finance, while others have been entrepreneurs, founders, and CEOs. Together we challenge each other and our clients to make smart decisions informed by multiple viewpoints.

Diversity of Solutions
We deliver a wide array of investment capabilities to help our clients achieve long term financial objectives. We combine internal expertise with best-in-class external partners to offer a unique set of solutions for our clients.

One Platform
multiple strategies

Small Cap Growth

Founding PM with track record that spans 20+ years. Core team has been together across market cycles, refining its process designed to drive returns to investors.

Options Solutions

Strategies designed to help investors generate income, manage risk, or enhance returns. Investments managed by options industry pioneers.

The Bosun Bench Program

Program that builds a strong pipeline of diverse talent – from middle school to graduate school.

Partner Organizations

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